Cheap Popsockets: A Trendy Mobile Phone Accessory for All

Everyone is now getting crazy over this cute accessory in mobile phones – the cheap popsockets. Aside from helping you have better grips of your phone, it can also function as a stand. Because of its convenience and usability, it is now considered must-buys among smartphone users.
Popsockets are not that expensive as you may think. There are now available popsockets online and these come in unique designs and themes.

Why buy cheap popsockets?

As mentioned, popsockets are very useful and convenient to use. It can solve our problems in gripping our phones not to slip away, taking better photos using one hand, watching movies without dropping the device, and many more. Indeed, these popsockets on sale are now the solutions to these simple stresses.

  1. Have you experienced holding your phone so tight but it seemed to be sliding off your hand? With popsocket, you can have easy grip of the phone by wrapping two fingers around the accessory.  With that, you can be assured that your phone will not slip even if your other hand is busy doing something.
  2. Are you getting irritated when someday calls you over the phone while you do urgent matters on your laptop?  If you want to be disturbed, your cheap popsocket can do wonders for you.   It functions as a stand especially in taking video calls. You will never get tired holding your phone while you do Facetime or Skype video chat because the popsocket can serve as phone stand.  You can even use it to mount on your laptop.  This will save you time because you can multitask on your laptop while taking the calls.
  3. Is it very tiring to hold your phone while watching videos or browse online? With popsocket, you can just pop it up, turn it to a media stand and not worry anymore of the strenuous work you need to do just to watch your favorite videos.
  4. Are you getting concerned how to keep your phone safe especially if there are wet surfaces? Popsockets are waterproof and made of materials which are washable.  If you are on the sink or in the kitchen using your phone, no need to worry where to place it because the popsockets can function as stand and guard against wet surfaces.
  5. Do you get frazzled how to keep your earphones organized? It is another amazing function of popsockets.  You can wrap it around the popsocket and avoid being tangled and twisted.  It is even better to place it around the popsocket so that you can easily see it anytime you want to use your earphones.

Popsockets are definitely a must-have nowadays. If you are asking yourself , Where can I buy a popsocket? Where to buy popsockets is not a problem anymore. Online stores such as Amazon offer these accessories at a very affordable price and with discounts if you buy in bulk. These are available in broad range of materials and styles. Popsockets for sale also come with reusable adhesive an adhesive disc. It can be used on any smartphones and Iphones.

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Customer Reviews About Popsockets for Sale

popsockets infographic

With the popularity of cheap popsockets, customers flock online to purchase this valuable phone accessory.  In case you are interested to buy, these reviews might be of help.

“The popsockets make the phone easy to hold and it doesn’t interfere with the hands because the socket collapses or pops I when not in use.”

“It is convenient to use when the phone case isn’t exactly the grippiest.  The adhesive is strong enough to support the popsocket.”

“It does a great job but with a bit of heat, it can come undone.”

“It is a new standard for handheld comfort. Although the sticky liner wears down, you can use super glue to stick the popsocket to the case.”

“The product is straight forward in terms of function and appearance.  It is comfortable to use and it prevents your phone from dropping on your face when you are lying down holding your phone.”

“They work great as a handle, prop, or mount interface. The popsocket gives the user something to hold between fingers with no additional bulk.”

“The design is more comfortable to hold and less expensive than the ring types.”

“Even if it is removed or repositioned several times, it still sticks like the first time.”

“It can be a perfect gift.”

“This is great for plane rides when you need to prop up your phone.”

Although there are positive reviews about popsockets, some customers gave this product low ratings.

“The adhesive doesn’t wear off completely when it comes off but it isn’t strong by any means.”

“It is good for hard plastic cases but not for otterboxes.”

“It doesn’t keep a good seal flat and just peels off. It is not sticky at all.”

“While it's fun to play with the popsocket, in terms of using this in the car, it can be a poorly designed safety hazard.”

“It fell off a couple of days.  I tried to glue it but it didn’t work.”

“ It doesn't allow the phone to charge on the docking station (wireless charger).”

“ The end cap is held on with very small plastic pieces that fit into flexible rubber which is very    flimsy.”

Most of the negative comments of the users talk about the adhesive of the cheap popsocket – it is not durable, it does not stick, and it barely holds on. However, this problem can be avoided if we choose the genuine brand.

All About Popsockets

These popsockets for sale are surely helpful but as consumers, we also need to be careful of what we buy.  Make sure to choose authentic popsockets so as not to sacrifice the quality of the product.  This popsocket is made to protect our mobile phones from dropping off and to allow ease and comfort as we use the phone.  If we want to have better quality, be a wise shopper. Visit online stores for your cheap popsocket for sale.

The Life Story of Popsockets: 5 Interesting Things You Need to Know

Are you wondering what are those cute little circles glued at the back of famous celebrities’ mobile phones? Those are the trendy and affordable popsockets and already selling like hotcakes. If you are not yet familiar with popsockets, here are 5 interesting things you need to know.

  1. David Barnett, the founder and creator of cheap popsockets came up with the idea from a very basic problem – the tangling of his earbuds. He first glued two cloth buttons and wrapped his headset to solve his problem. That was the start of his popsocket invention.
  2. For several months, Barnett developed his invention by creating the inexpensive popsockets grip. It was made of an accordion-based gadget that expands and collapses.
  3. It took Barnett almost 15 months to make 60 prototypes of his popsockets and funded his business in 2012.
  4. In 2014, popsockets were sold in Barnett’s garage but with the increase of sales, it was already sold in famous online stores and shops in the US.
  5. Now, popsockets are sold worldwide with almost 70 million products. These gizmos are becoming very popular because of the affordability and usability.

Popsockets started with only an idea and a simple solution to a problem. Who would have thought that it is now becoming one of the hot sellers among mobile phone accessories? Why is popsocket that famous? Here are some stories shared by the founder himself, David Barnett.
The company had received several fan mails expressing their gratitude for the invention of the cheap popsockets. For those suffering with Parkinson’s the popsockets are very helpful in gripping the phones without falling. For them, life became easier with popsockets.
With its value, customers even consider popsockets as life changers and with the positive reviews, Barnett is even more inspired to make millions of these Little Life Changers.

Why do people buy cheap popsockets?

What is the fuss about this little life changers as customers say? Popsockets are very popular among teenagers and even older women. A lot of celebrities are seen to have been enjoying the use of popsockets. Seeing them taking a selfie and holding this cute little thing would definitely attract female teenagers and their moms. But not only girls are seen using this accessory. Even the boys are quite interested to take hold of this inexpensive popsockets.

For men, popsockets are helpful especially in driving. They use phones to navigate and popsockets are perfect enough to post the phone on the dash without the fear of falling on the floor. It is also a great way to make the phone stand while watching movies or videos.
Aside from personal use, there are other reasons why people buy affordable popsockets.

Here are just a few:

  • It is a perfect gift idea. It can be given to anybody at any age. Teenagers would love it and even older people who have a hard time holding the phone. It is also a perfect gift for colleagues and friends especially now that it comes with different designs and colors.
  • It is a cute collection. Hobbyists may find popsockets as interesting things to collect. With the artistic and unique designs, these can be virtually appealing if displayed in a big glass shelf.
  • Popsockets can also be used as souvenirs. It can be personalized my printing the name of your organization or event. It is a one of a kind memento which is very worthwhile and valuable.

Popsockets are indeed little life changers.  But how do you use the popsockets?  Below are tips that might help you in your gripping and holding techniques.

Celebrities with PopSockets

PopSockets are also popular by celebrities for their useful and funny structure. Check out all the popular names of the arts, sports and entertainment world and love PopSockets.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Kendrall Jenner

Kendrall Jenner

Jared Leto

Jared Leto

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

The LA Dodgers

The LA Dodgers

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Ways to Hold and Grip Popsockets

Popsockets are placed at the back of your phones or tablet but where do you exactly place it? It depends on the use. What’s so good about inexpensive popsocket is that, you can change the placement and move it around.

  • Texting grip – If you use your phones mostly for texting, you can place the popsocket on the top. This would allow you grip your phone using the index and middle fingers while the thumb has enough space to navigate the keypad. This is a comfortable gripping position as you type using your thumb.
  • Tablet grip – Popsockets can also be used for tablets. Since tablets are larger than your mobile phones, you can place the popsocket in the middle part of your device. This would allow your full palm to have enough space to support at the back while you grip the tablet.popsocket designs
  • Media stand – Aside from gripping and holding, one benefit of a popsocket is to act as media stand. It is etter to use two popsockets to support the device. You can place it at the top and at the bottom. Through this, your device can be placed comfortably without wobbling or dropping.
  • Selfies or Photo Grip - If you always use your phones to take selfies, then use two popsockets and place the first one at the bottom at least an inch from the edge, just enough for your middle finger to rest at the back of the phone. The other one should be placed at the top to serve as support of your index finger. This placement of the popsockets would allow your thumb to reach the photo button comfortably and would even let your arms extend as long as you can without dropping the phone.
  • Cord Wrap –To prevent your earphones from tangling, place two popsockets at the back, one at the top and one at the bottom, and wrap your earphone between the two inexpensive popsockets. This will give you a stress-free ear-bud management.

No matter how you would use your phone, placing your popsockets depends on you where you want to. Some like one popsocket only placed on top or middle. Others want to put two for a more comfortable grip and for convenience when watching videos.

To know more about popsockets, here are frequently asked questions about this product.

Frequently Asked Questions about Affordable Popsockets

How many times can I reuse my popsockets?
Good quality popsockets can be reused 100 times or more. You can even clean it with water. Let it dry before you stick it or else it might lose its sticking strength.

Where can popsockets grip to?
Popsockets are made to stick on phones, cases, and tablets. However, there might be problems in sticking it on leather or highly texture phone cases.

Can I expand and collapse my popsockets many times?
Yes, you can expand and collapse it for thousand times without breaking the grip. Cheap popsockets are designed that way.

What is an accordion?
The accordion is the one that can be collapsed and expanded. It can be detached from the base or platform but it can also be attached again by pushing the button and the tabs.

popsocket specs

What if the base of my popsocket won’t stick?
Your inexpensive popsockets are designed to stick to your phones and cases. However, it will not stick very well to waterproof casings and silicones. If the adhesive is not that strong enough to stick, there might be a problem in the gel. The solution is to rinse the base of the popsocket and leave it dry for 15minutes only then attach it again.

Until when can I use my popsockets?
As long as the accordion does not break, then your popsocket is good to go. To quantify, a maximum of 12,000 times for the accordion to expand and collapse marks the lifespan of the popsocket.
What are the parts of the popsockets?
Popsockets are composed of a base or platform. It is that flat circle that sticks to your phone. The accordion is the collapsible part. It is the one that pops in and out. The button is the visible part and the one with the color or design. It is made of aluminum or nard plastic.

How can I attach my popsocket?
Before you attach your inexpensive popsockets, try first the best position where you want to place them before removing the adhesive tape. When you are sure where to position it, peel off the sticker carefully and stick the popsocket to your phone.

How can I reposition my popsocket grip?
Buying affordable popsocket also allows you to reposition it many times. If you want to move your popsocket, compress it first. Then carefully peel the platform starting from the corner. If it sticks heavily, you can use thread or dental floss to pull it off. Do not use first the removed popsocket. Rinse it first and dry it making sure that the gel part is clean. Make sure to attach it to the surface in less than 30 minutes to avoid the adhesive to dry out. Press the popsocket firmly for 30 seconds to make sure it is glued properly.

This little life changer is indeed a unique invention. Inexpensive popsockets are now in demand in the market and aside from being cute, handy, inexpensive, and trendy, cheap popsockets’ sales are on the rise because these are the go-to tools for everyone.