Kokido Solar Pool Heater Reviews

Pool swimming is prevalent in most houses with large backyards, most especially when there are children involved. Most families use solar pool heaters to heat the water for the swimming pool since children cannot take the coldness of the water. Kokido solar heating system is one of the best solar water heater in the market in terms of pool heating. It utilizes the renewable power source of the sun, and you no longer need electricity in heating pool water. Using electric or gas sources in heating your pool water costs a lot in your bill due to the large volume of water. Please check our other solar water heater reviews rather than Kokido Solar Pool Heater Reviews as well.

Kokido solar water heater heats the water harnessing the solar energy, and it attaches to an existing pump system. One of the disadvantages of Kokido solar water heater is that it does not have its own pump system. You need to purchase a pumping system in case you do not have any existing.

Kokido solar water heater is sold at a very reasonable and affordable price that anyone with a swimming pool can purchase. It is engineered to be portable so that you can carry the heater anytime, anywhere. Kokido has manufactured an innovative heater with a dome design curled in connector tubes to be extended to your swimming pool. The dome heater is easy to set up, cost-effective, and compact. Hoses and clamps are included in the package. One dome heater can suit 6,000 gallons of water. Kokido dome heater is the best solar water heater for small swimming pools, along with its portability.

Another disadvantage of this dome heater is that multiple dome heaters are necessary to accommodate medium and large-sized swimming pools. Because of the unique design of Kokido solar dome, the heater is able to absorb and disperse vast amount of solar energy to be converted.

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