Generic Jewelry Cleaner Reviews

Generic Jewelry Cleaner brings back the sparkle of your jewelry, your glasses, your precious metal coins and your household goods. With this cleanser, you can achieve excellent cleaning using only tap water. It provides safe cleaning for your jewelery and you will not be exposed to the adverse effects of hard chemicals. With Generic Jewelry Cleaner, the result is an irresistible glow.
You can remove rust, dirt, lime and cork from your jewelry. You can also achieve excellent results on difficult to clean surfaces and very small parts.
This unique cleaner provides the best result in places where your hand can not reach the brush with its illuminated light and transparent covering. With millions of microscopic cleaning bubbles, you get an in-depth cleanliness.

Easy to use: It’s possible to get the first day’s glory in your jewelry. Fill the tank with water and get professional cleaning in just 3 minutes. With just 42,000 ultrasonic energy pulses and vibrations, the device cleans even the most stubborn stains easily. Your jewelry will sparkle.
Quiet and Compact: Generic has 20 oz stainless steel storage. With its large volume, it makes your rings and precious glasses like its  first day. It works quietly. Easily provides professional cleaning.
No More Expensive Cleaning Products: You do not need costly products for professional cleaning. Get rid of grease and stains that accumulate in your jewelry. The use of ultrasonic cavitation does not damage your jewels, it does not drop its precious stones.
Use Areas: Rings, necklaces, bracelets, glasses, coins, diamonds, keys, silver, metal badges, waterproof watches, straps, heads of shaving machines, prostheses, jewelry, combs, machine parts, valves, printer heads and other valuable items
Product Properties

  • Generic Jewelry Cleaner gently removes crumbs and dust from your precious jewelry with its powerful cleaning system.
  • Millions of microscopic cleaning bubbles and 42,000 cycles of ultrasonic energy sweep away the most stubborn stains.
  • 600 ml 20 oz. Stainless steel cleaning tank.
  • Can be used with detergent for improved cleaning.
  • It can always be used for excellent cleaning in domestic or commercial use.
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