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What Did You Wear Today?

How do you start the day? Get ahead of your wardrobe and ask "What will I wear today?" Are you one of those who say? This is one of the most popular questions in recent years. "What should I wear today?"

Regardless of your age, profession, lifestyle, you need clothing. Trousers, skirts, shirts, t-shirts, socks, underwear, jackets, sweatshirts, belts, accessories ... There are millions of thousands of millions of options for clothing in all styles.

Man used the skins of the animals he hunted for warmth. Its main purpose was to keep warm. Nowadays, there are completely different criteria for choosing clothes. We want to be stylish, we want to look flashy, we want attention or we just want to be comfortable. We shop for clothes every year, even though our style, purpose and gender are different.

Those who are closely interested in fashion do not want to wear the jacket he wore the previous year, the following year. Fashion is changing rapidly. The clothes in the wardrobes are being replaced by new clothes. There are also some clothes that never go out of style. A classic suit, white shirt or classic style dress. Experts recommend that such clothes should be in everyone's closet. So what do you have in your closet?

Is It Fashionable?

What do you pay attention to when choosing clothes? Do you choose clothes that no one else has? Do you follow the fashion? Do you interpret fashion according to yourself? Do you say "Whatever suits me ..."?

It is useful to follow current developments in clothing selection as in every field. However, buying many clothes just for fashion can strain your budget. Clothes that do not fit your style and size can make you look bad. There is a very common definition for the word "fashion". "Fashion is to wear what suits you." For this, you should know yourself and your body well.

Things to Consider When Choosing Clothes

Everyone wants to look stylish. Of course, tastes are not discussed. However, different preferences can be made according to different body types. It is as important as the quality of the outfit you choose that it suits your body type.

When determining your style, should you pay attention to the colors? Which is your color? You can be stylish with the right model and colors.

You can also make some small illusions with the clothes of your choice. For example, to show your leg length longer. You can choose high waist trousers. You can also use thick belts. Double-breasted tops can be preferred by those who want to show their waist thinner. One of the details that make the waist thinner is the V-neck clothes. Avoid tight-fitting sleeves with thick arms. You can choose blouses with sleeves that expand towards the ankle.

Turtleneck sweaters are one of the top clothes that short-necked people should avoid. A V-neck blouse that you can enrich with a scarf will make your neck look long.

Let Your Shoes Tell You

There are different accessories that complement the elegance. Glasses, watches, jewelery, belts, scarves, bags ... Whatever your style is, these accessories that will complement your outfit will definitely work for you. You can find stylish and useful accessories on

The biggest complement to an outfit is, of course, shoes. Those who are fond of their comfort cannot give up sneakers. One of the comfortable shoe models is ballet flats. They can be worn at any time of the day. You can find a stylish and comfortable ballet ballet to complement any outfit. Color options are also high. You should definitely have a place for babet in your shoe cabinet.

High-heeled shoes are a stylish choice, although sometimes tiring. Especially when going out in the evening, a high-heeled shoe will add elegance to your outfit.

One of the indispensable shoe models for women is the stiletto. Every woman looks gorgeous with her stiletto. Even a plain shirt and jeans are eye-catching when combined with a stiletto. These shoes with thin heels give an elegant look to the feet. Shorter heeled models can be chosen in daily life. Those who attend stylish invitations prefer higher heeled stilettos.

Whatever your style of clothing, you can find the best options on Are you ready to go on a stylish journey?

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