Aquios Water Softener – 2018 Review

There are a lot of water softener systems sold in the market nowadays and as consumers, we want to pick the best one which is worth our money.  To help you decide what to buy, here is a product review of Aquios Water Softener System. 


  • Aquios Water Softener takes pride of its filtration and water softening system. It uses carbon block filtration which effectively removes undesirable materials from the water such as chlorine and sediments. Its non-salt additive known as Siliphos helps reduce scale deposits which make hard water soften and safe to use and drink.
  • This water softener does not use salt so the water coming out from the system does not have a slippery feel unlike other water softener systems. Since it does not use salt to filter the water, it has crystal media which dice and slice the minerals into very small parts instead of removing it. This makes the water healthy to drink because of the minerals such as magnesium and calcium.
  • Aquios Water Softener has a replacement cartridge which has a 40,000 gallon rated usage good for 6 months. The product has in-head valve with shut-off and bypass functions so when it leaks, it can be easily fixed. It does not require maintenance, electricity and salt. . With its compact design, it is space-saving and economical to use
  • It only weighs 9.3 pounds with a dimension of 27 x 10 x 8 inches. It does not need any battery for its operation. This water softener does not require any programming. It is easy to install. Just connect it to the water input line making sure it is placed vertically. Aquios Water Softener has also a 20-year warranty on its housing and the valve so it is assured that this product is of high quality.


  • However, there are also other clients who pointed out the downside of this product. Here are some of the feedbacks.
  • The product is described by most customers as water filter rather than a softener. It is just a very fine grain carbon filter thus easily clogs especially if you have sediment issues. This causes reduced water flow and frequent replacement of the cartridge. It also leaks even when installed by professional handyman.
    There is no indicator when the filter will be replaced so you have to pay attention of the water flow and clogs. The water filter cartridge is also expensive so changing it every 6 months would be a burden to your budget.
  • Another disadvantage of using this product is that Aquios Water Softener works only for running water rather than stagnant water. It is not recommended to use as water softener for extreme hard water more than 75 grains per gallon.

With the product’s pros and cons, you now have a better understanding whether Aquios Water Softener System suits your need. If you want a simpler version of a water softener and filter for home use only with no maintenance and is electricity-free, then this is a perfect product for you.

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