Amazon TV Wall Mounting Service

Bought your dream TV and want it installed in the room of your choice without risking anything!!!! Call a professional TV wall mounter (Amazon TV Wall Mounting Service) from Amazon Services catalog of tested and reviewed TV Wall Mounting services.

TV has become a member of our modern families. We need it for quality family time, an excuse for long conversations with our loved ones and for entertainment and information needs. It is necessary that our TV is placed in the house in a position where it should serve both single watcher and family gathering. For group watching, placing your TV on a deck may not be the best idea. In fact, mounting your TV little higher than a TV deck height is always a better, safer and family-friendly idea.

Here is how a TV Wall Mounting works:

Why do you need an Amazon TV Wall Mounting Service?

Flat TVs are surprisingly delicate, very expensive and unexpectedly heavy. When you hire a TV wall mounting professional from Amazon services, he will make sure that your investment in your TV stays safe. The same professional will also help you place TV in the best place possible for both your TV safety and the best possible home cinema experience.

How to Evaluate a TV Wall Mounting Service?

Evaluating a TV wall mounting service is very easy on Amazon services platform. Once you land on Amazon handyman services home page for TV wall mounting services, you will see a search box asking your zip code to provide information of cost, availability and reviews of your local TV wall mounting service providers. Put in your zip code and search.

All costs are shown upfront on Amazon services.

You will see a box on left side that will ask for your TV size, provision of mounting brackets and method to conceal wires. Once you give all information to Amazon, it will give you precise cost for the service. In most states, Amazon services quotes lowest price. That is the beauty of Amazon services platform.

Once you have your price, scroll down to “Reviews from around you” section on the right side. You can read reviews for individual services providers there. Once you have shortlisted some quality service providers, contact them. Ask open ended questions to get a feel of their knowledge and expertise.

Make an appointment when you have a found a perfect match for your needs.

Arrangements before making TV Wall Mounting Appointment

TV sets does not come with TV Wall Mounting service package. It is necessary that you have a TV set, a power cord with appropriate length and a power outlet either behind or right under the place where the TV will be mounted.

Before you call TV Wall Mounting professionals from Amazon service, mark the wall and the spot on that wall where you want to get your TV mounted. This will save your time and any inconvenience after TV installation.

What is Included in TV Wall Mounting Services from Amazon Services ?

Amazon keeps a universal high standard for services provided from Amazon Services platform. When you are looking for a service, search on Amazon services website with your zip code instead of googling ‘tv wall mounting services near me’. It will not only save your time but will also help your choose the best service provider with the help of TV wall mounting services reviews and feedbacks.

Here is what a service provider will offer you from Amazon services for TV Wall Mounting service:

  • One non-swivel TV mounting bracket installation. Service provider will bring TV wall mounting bracket with him if you choose that option while ordering.
  • Load testing of hardware and securing TV
  • The service provider will conceal the cord with a cover that he will bring with him. You can either buy cord concealers yourself or include them in the cost of service while ordering.

Please note that TV can only be mounted on a drywall.

What is the Best Wall and Place for Mounting TV ?

Installation process for each wall is different in your home for stone wall, hard bricks wall, concrete or steel wall or plaster / lathe wall.

Amazon Services TV wall mounting service covers drywalls only. If you have any other type of wall, please inform your service provider prior to appointment. It will help you calculate costs more precisely as installation cost for walls other than drywalls is a bit higher.

For the place of TV mounting, you will need the advice of a TV mounting professional. Along with the wall of TV placement, height of TV also matters. TV mounting height is decided on the basis of your viewing angle, that is, TV mounting height will be different for a lying position, sitting TV watching and standing position. Every good TV wall mounting professional will ask about your watching position before proposing TV installation height.

How to Avoid Screen Glare ?

Once your TV is installed, screen glare may cause disturbance and issues in picture quality. You can check this potential problem by yourself or ask the tv wall mounting professional to take care of the screen glare.

To check screen glare, sit before the place where TV will be mounted. If you see any kind of reflection on that spot, you have a problem.

Possible solutions in that case are using curtains, moving lamp or using a swivel TV wall mounting.

Why Amazon Services only ?

When there are many a services available for your TV wall mounting needs, why hire from Amazon services and not from others? If you have the same question as me, let’s have a comparison.

Amazon’s first and greatest advantage lies in it being a marketplace. It is not a private website of a service provider where fake reviews can be added and negative ones can be removed. Any verified review, whether good or bad, is posted on that service provider profile and no one can remove or change that. That is, you will always have genuine opinion about a service from genuine, verified buyers / users.

The most important thing is thorough and minute screening of all service providers by Amazon. Amazon services platform works on invitation model and anyone willing to join cannot do so without invitation and thorough background check. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive personal and professional background check for every pro by Amazon team. A valid trade license and insurance of that service provider is also needed. (Read more about Amazon screening process here: http://amzn.to/2st6v4R)

If you are still not satisfied, make a comparison online and you will find that Amazon provides the cheapest and the best verified services in the whole handyman industry.