Amazon Thermostat Installation Service

amazon thermostat installation service

A thermostat is an indispensable part of modern homes. Human bodies are designed to stay healthy and comfortable in a narrow temperature range. A quality thermostat makes sure your home temperature is always in that comfortable narrow range for our bodies.

Selecting a thermostat depends upon your home heating/cooling system and whether you want to have a digital or mechanical thermostat. Read thermostat buying guides before you make your purchase. How much is a thermostat for a house? You can get a good thermostat that can be controlled by your mobile device under $200.

Once you have got your thermostat or you want your old one replaced, the next step is to get professional help installing and making your thermostat functional. You need professional help because the thermostat is a sensitive equipment. It needs professional care in both installations and making sure your equipment is working fine. This is why you need a professional handyman for thermostat installation.

How to Find a Professional Thermostat Installer

Finding a professional thermostat installer can be a daunting task with unexpected costs. However, the process can be made straightforward by using a handyman services platform that does the job of checking thermostat installation professional’s background both personal and work background.

Amazon services platform is the only handyman services platforms that make sure only the handyman professionals with clean personal and professional record are able to offer their services.

Amazon services platform works on an invitation-only basis. That means not everyone willing to join Amazon handyman services is allowed to join. Amazon invites handyman professionals from local market to its platform if they meet certain criteria. The list of criteria includes but not limited to professional background check, personal and criminal background check, valid license and insurance when needed. A professional that meets all criteria is invited to the platform.

Why Amazon Handyman Services Only

The infamous anonymity of the online world makes it easy for scammers to temper reviews, add fake reviews and all kinds of deceptive stuff. It is important that the platform must always stay neutral so both professional and the customer could review honest reviews and make an informed decision. Neutrality is precisely the reason Amazon handyman services platform is a wise choice.

Amazon does not sell any handyman services and only hosts services and manages marketplace with strict policies. You can read all reviews for a service provider by all of their clients, unedited. That is, no review is altered, changed or removed and you see a true picture of that handyman professional’s work quality and manners. Thus you make a decision with complete peace of mind.

How to Use Amazon Handyman Services Platform

When you search for your required service on Amazon (which is thermostat installation service in this case), you will land on that service home page. On landing screen, a box will ask for your zip code. Once you provide them with your zip code, Amazon shows precise prices and reviews of thermostat installation service providers in your area. You will see options for home and business and if this is a smart thermostat that is Wi-Fi enabled or the mechanical one. You will see the final price after you give all necessary information about your installation.

In the right-side column under service description, you can read reviews for different service providers and check their profile. Shortlist services providers here and make your selection by making an appointment with that thermostat installation professional.

How to Choose a Thermostat

You can choose a suitable thermostat for your home in three steps.

Step #1: Determine what type of heating/cooling system you have. There are following types of these systems.

  • Single stage with electric AC system and gas heating with one level of heat output.
  • Multi-stage Electric AC / gas heating with multiple levels of heat output
  • Single Stage heat pump that does both cooling and heating
  • Multi-stage heat pump that uses electric and gas heating/cooling system and uses heat pump as a backup system
  • Line voltage with direct current of 120V or 240V to your thermostat point

Step #2: Determine what feature you want in your thermostat. Select from the following.

  • Programmable thermostat with features of having new settings for whole week
  • Mechanical thermostat with mercury switch (non-programmable)

Step#3: Choose a Model that serves your needs. Once you have sorted out what you need, make a thermostat search on Amazon, use product filters, make a short list and get your desired thermostat.

Scope and Details of Thermostat Installation Service

If you are going for new thermostat installation, you will need to provide that thermostat unit to your professional. The professional will only bring equipment necessary for a thermostat replacement. House thermostat replacement cost is $100 to $150 on Amazon.

If you want to install a smart thermostat that is connected to your mobile device, you will need to pay a bit more for this additional service.

New models of thermostat require C Wire (Common Wire). Common Wire is of blue or black color. If you do not have common wire in thermostat installation, you will need new wiring that may cost you additional.

The scope of thermostat installation service includes:

  • Removal of your old thermostat unit
  • Installation of customer-provided smart or another thermostat model
  • Checking and testing newly installed thermostat
  • Guidance on maintenance of thermostat unit

How to make sure the Quality of Service

Unlike most other handyman services, thermostat installation cannot be checked for quality in a short time. You will need at least one full day to make sure if your installation is working fine.

When your handyman professional completes his job, tell him that you need some time to check the installation. Most service providers offer a guarantee period in which they correct any issues in installation. Once you have this information, keep your thermostat on for next 24 hours. If there are no major changes in temperature and your home temperature stays almost the same, your home thermostat has been installed correctly.

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