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Ceiling fans keep your home cool and distribute cool and hot air around the house. Even if you do not see their importance, it is better to have a ceiling fan installed for times when you need to push air in the corners.

Once you have decided to install ceiling fans in your home, you will need to know how to choose a ceiling fan size for a certain room. Here are measurements for adding a ceiling fan to a room.

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for a Room Size?

There are certain measurements and distances that you must take care of when installing a ceiling fan in your room.

  • In any room, the fan blades must be at least 30 inches away from the walls and 7 feet high.
  • For small rooms of up to 75 square feet, get a 29-36 inches fan blades diameter.
  • For a room of 76-144 square feet, go for a 36-42 inches fan blade diameter.
  • For a room of 144-225 square feet, a ceiling fan with 44 inches blade diameter will its job the best way.
  • For a room of 225-400 square feet, use a 50-54 inches blade diameter fan.

This is a reference chart for good air circulation in a certain room size. If your room is long but narrow, you will get better air with two small ceiling fans than with one large as suggested by room size. Your room design also matters in your ceiling fan selection so you must also take care of that.

After selection of fan size for your room, next step is to know how complicated is the installation process.

How to install a ceiling fan by yourself ?

Ceiling Fan Installation Service of AmazonA typical ceiling fan installation takes up to two hours if everything goes per plan. If you are replacing your old ceiling fan with a new one, the process may take more time.

A ceiling fan can be installed in the following steps:

  • First, power off the fan from the circuit breaker or main fuse. Use a circuit tester to make sure that the power is off.
  • Second, if you are using a fan with lights and there are separate power connection for light and fan, sort out the cables before starting for fan and light and label them as per your convenience.
  • Third, check the support for the fan. Use a strong hanger bar for fan and assemble and fix it as manufacturer instructions. Don’t use a weak base for ceiling fan installation.
  • Fourth, connect wires, complete circuit, install bulbs if needed and on the switch. Your fan is ready to use.

The process looks easy but if you haven’t dealt with electric wires or ceiling fan, it may become really hard for you. In that case, make a google search for ‘ceiling fan installers near me’ and hire a professional for your ceiling fan installation needs.

How to search for Professional Ceiling Fan Installers?

Though a Google search for finding professional ceiling fan installers seems sufficient and convenient; however it actually isn’t.

Not every result on the search page is credible. Only that service or platform is credible that has the following:

  • Handyman service providers whom professional and personal background have been thoroughly checked.
  • Service quote before you make appointment that does not change much after you make appointment
  • Unaltered verified reviews by real service buyers of those you could see a history of purchaseAmazon Best Price

Moreover, if you see that the platform is also selling services, you may have to reconsider that platform as this compromises quality and they may have tempered the records and reviews in their favor.

If you think the process is lengthy and hard, use a tested and trusted handyman services platform that is also neutral: use Amazon handyman services.

Why Amazon Services only?

You probably now understand what is a good handyman services platform. This is why we suggest Amazon handyman services platform over others:

  • There is a thorough background check for all handyman professionals. This background check involves both personal and professional check.
  • There is license and insurance verification where needed.
  • All reviews come from only verified purchases only. Neither a spam review can be added nor can a review be edited/deleted in any way.
  • All prices are up front. You can check all prices before making an appointment.

Amazon works as a neutral platform and does not sell services by itself. It only hosts different handyman service providers like TV wall mounting service, bed assembly service, thermostat installation providing a complete range of handyman services needed in the home.

Scope of Ceiling Fan Installation Service

When you buy ceiling fan installation service from Amazon, following will be the scope of the service.

  • Removal of an existing fan if it is there.
  • The professional will assemble, mount and wire your ceiling that you will provide. The ceiling fan is not included in the service and you will have to buy the fan before installation.
  • Completing the process by attaching blades, lights or chains as needed.

How to buy ceiling fan installation service from Amazon?

Buying ceiling fan installation service from Amazon is an easy and smooth process. You can complete this straightforward process in the following few steps.

  • Go to and type ‘ceiling fan installation’. Hit enter and you will see results. Click the first one that says ‘Service’ in the upper left corner of the picture. Click this result.
  • You will land on the home page for ceiling fan installation. Give in your zip code in the box so Amazon could suggest you the professional ceiling fan installers near you and hit enter.
  • You will see options for your service type and relevant quote. You can choose whether it is a home or business installation, is it a replacement or a first-time installation, and ceiling height of the room where ceiling fan will be installed. Once you specify your needs, Amazon will give you a precise quote for the service. Add it to the cart.
  • Move to check out. It will ask for desired date and time preference for ceiling installation.
  • Pay and the next day service provider will email you for confirmation of your order and to take information about your fan make, model and other details.

This is all. The service provider will come on the date appointment and make the installation.


It is better to inform your handyman professional in depth about your ceiling fan. Tell them about your fan make and model; if possible give them Amazon product URL of your fan.

Make sure you are available at the date and time of installation. The service charges are non-refundable.

Once installed, make sure your fan is working fine when the handyman professional is still there. This will eliminate any chances of chaos later.

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