Amazon Bed Assembly Service

A bed assembly task may seem easy but it can become messy, confusing and time consuming task if you do not have prior experience with it. Moreover some furniture units need detailed assembling and wrong assembly work can shorten the life of your bed and your other furniture.

To make sure your bed or the sleeping furniture has been assembled correctly, you will need someone to assemble your furniture who have skills and proven past experience with bed assembly, positive reviews and someone who can do the job perfectly. The most reliable service for your needs all handyman services needs in general and bed assembly services needs in particular is amazon bed assembly services.

There are many handyman services available for bed assembly but it is crucial that you chose the service from where you could check the quality of service, get a precise quote for bed assembly service cost beforehand and read reviews about that service provider from past client. Only platform that provides you with all these plus unbiased, unedited and verified customer reviews is Amazon services platform.

Here is a small guide for you on how you can use Amazon services platform efficiently for searching qualified professionals, how should you prepare for bed assembly and how can you make sure that your job has been done efficiently.

How to Search a Professional on Amazon

Searching for a bed assembly professional on Amazon is as easy as pie.

Once you land on Amazon, search for ‘bed assembly services’. This query will bring you to a page with details of bed assembly services and reviews for this services. Put your zip code in the search box that asks for your location. Your zip code helps Amazon suggest you bed assembly professionals near you. Find a professional on amazon with your zip code is way better than doing a Google search for bed assembly services near me.

Once Amazon has your zip code, it will suggest you the best professionals from amazon furniture assembly services catalog. You will see list of reviews ordered with respect to positive reviews. Read reviews and click the names of services providers to open their profile in new tabs to do your comparison.

On each professional’s profile page, you can read reviews about them and check for yourself if they are a good fit for your needs. When you find the right one, make an appointment and get your work done.

Why Amazon only and no other Handyman Services

Why should you select your bed assembly professional from Amazon and not from other handyman services platforms? Here are some reasons:

  • Amazon background check is comprehensive and stricter than others. It is only Amazon that conducts all background checks both personal and professional and makes sure each professional has valid insurance and no criminal history. Thus it makes sure you get a truly qualified professional every time without ever worrying about any mishap.
  • Amazon services works on invitation only basis. That means everyone willing to join cannot do so. Amazon shortlists professionals with already excellent track record and invites them to Amazon after they clear Amazon screening test.
  • Neutral reviews about a service provider is the only way of being sure about the quality of that service provider. Tempering with reviews to make a positive impact and get more sales is a common practice among dishonest businesses. Since Amazon does not provide services itself but invites only the professionals who meet certain criteria, Amazon neither need to nor does it alter ANY reviews from a client. That means you will see every feedback for a service provider whether good or bad. That means you can decide with complete peace of mind.
  • Amazon gives you all prices beforehand and you know exactly what you will have to pay to get your work done. Amazon lets you see exact prices for Bed Frames only, Platform or Sleigh Bed, Storage Bed, Bunk Bed, Bunk Bed with Storage and Murphy Bed types. Click on your bed type and Amazon will show you exact price for that bed assembly task. You can make your decision with complete peace of mind.

What is Included in the Service

A bed assembly service from Amazon assembly services.

  • One Bed frame assembly as per production instructions
  • Whole bed assembly process completes in only one hour
  • All bed assembly charges are for the room where bed frame is already placed. Your professional may charge additional amount if you need bed framed moved to another room.
  • If bed assembly is different than described in your order and needs more than one hour, you may have to bear additional charges.

After you have made Appointment

Once you confirm your appointment with a bed assembly professional, you will get an email from your pro with details of time, place and date. Please make sure you provide your service provider with exact name of your product and its maker so your service provider could make best arrangements. If possible, email him the Amazon URL link of your bed to make things even clearer.

Assembly time may be different for different bed sizes and different products.

Things to Remember

Oftentimes, a bed unit is hard to move from its initial place. Since a bed unit takes most of the space in a bedroom, it needs to be placed in a way that the room still looks spacious. Also the direction, room window position, sun light direction, air ventilation direction and doors placement is also crucial. When you final a place for your bed, taking care of these factors will save you from future chaos and frustration.

Once your bed has been installed, check it on joints and by sitting, lying and maybe jumping if any joint has been kept lose. Let your bed assembly professional go only if you are satisfied with the job done.

Enjoy a good night sleep on your new bed!